Often referred to as an unwanted or shunned god, most commonly envisioned of an aspect of winter.

Disgraced or banished barbarians are often referred to as Just Thotht, as much like the winter, their future is surely as unremarkable as the white snow. Foreigners are often referred to as Thotht as they more likely than not, are of little interest. It is generally not seen as a good thing. Much like the harsh lands to the north however, they do not believe in just names. Acts can be done to be redeemed. Slaying particularly powerful foes or great feats of courage can also be used to be done away with the 'Thotht' identity. Gaining a new name instead to be identified as. If it was a giant killed for example it could 'Mountain crasher' Or such.

To be given Thotht is not a small choice either, as on their main weapon hand, an iron ring is bound, unable to be removed unless they lose their hand, or through a previous act of said heroism is achieved, a ritual is held in the capital, to remove the mark of shame, and a new life/name is given to them. If one were to actually perish as a Thotht, their bodies are typically just dumped in the tundra or other harsh area and just left for the beasts of the land.

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