Depicted as a genderless figure, often referred to as a springtime like essence. More often than not, those who follow, Are the more prolific of the Barbarians. Twins and triplets are not uncommon, if not more prevalent than in other area's of the world. Unlike others in the northern area's the lands surrounding those who follow Sraahal Their lands are prosperous, more so than other aspects of the north, be it, animals, vegetation or even the dark beasts that prowl the area. Death rates, as such, are significantly higher than other parts, and due to such death is more fact of life than other places.

Every four years, during the first day of the spring, a dark feast is held to gain the patronage of this deity, and in turn to keep the blessed boon they have with them. A per-determined amount of the populace is marked as 'One who Seeks' To find exotic, rare, or otherwise deadly game for this feast, and those that return with nothing are put up in their stead. It is probably one of the few places where cannibalism is not seen as a disrespectful act, as meat is meat. While in other area's of the north it is an absolute last resort to fend off Thotht's merciless grasp.

Most of the followers of Sraahal Do not pair off to form a family, as death forms as quickly as new snow. They are a more open and loosely moral populace. Those in Sraahal Servitude tend to have lighter colored eyes with each successive generation sporting specks, rings or other unique elements of violet in them. Due to the veritable bounty around this group, they have a surplus of exotic animal pelts, bones, teeth and the like, which, if ever exported to the more civilized races, could earn quite a profitable intake.

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