Mana is said to be the lifeblood of the known universe, and the veritable font from which souls have flown. It is also at the core of any magic that is weaved, including that of divine and druidic nature. The origins and history of mana are fairly unknown, and research that has been done on the strange energy has lead to few conclusions of its true source. One thing is for certain, mana is in everything, but whether mana is the very thing which created the known realms or merely a substance which spread like wildfire is yet to be discerned.

One possible explanation for its existence is The First Reckoning, although the topic is difficult to discuss being that, at least according to most esteemed wizards, no one survived the event. In this way, finding evidence that such a cataclysm occurred in the first place is nearly impossible. For everyone else, mana is assumed to have existed as far back as existence itself, spawned as one of the cosmos' many elements.

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