How to contact

For general inquiries regarding the community, game play and game world, lore and story, or role play, we encourage you to visit our forums. You can start a discussion and receive a response from other members of the community or from the administration or development staff.

For any inquiries regarding Last Light in regards to fair use, licensing, administration, etc. or other inquiries which are not related to the community, game play and game world, lore and story, or role play, please send an email to and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please include any necessary return information for replying.

When to contact

Do not contact us for purposes including the following:

  • Purposes which are not related to Last Light or its community
  • To gain personal information about Last Light members or staff
  • To ask questions about the community which could be reasonably answered by the community (please use the forums)
  • To request changes to pages on the wiki, exceptions include original owners of artwork whom are requesting images to be removed or changed
  • Monetary and/or soliciting purposes (we do not generate profit)
  • To request administrative privileges unless you are approved by the staff to assist with it

You may contact us if you wish to offer your own skills and abilities to assist with development of the module, server, lore, or wiki. The Last Light staff reserves the right to deny this opportunity to anybody.

Thank you.

- murdrkitten

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