You may notice that, throughout the lore for Last Light, there is a lot of uncertainty and even outright misinformation. This, at times, can be intentional. It is not, however, to mislead you on what is true or false. Twisting the lore is part of what we do to maintain an air of mystery.

Many topics will have solid strands of truth and fact, but you will find topics where, instead of verified information, you mostly find theory. These topics are depicted and written as such to facilitate theory-crafting in the game world. Topics which are vague or outright lacking in information could be set up that way simply because a majority of characters don't have the "full scoop".

If there's ever a question the lore, the forums are always open for discussion. In addition, you are welcome to tack on theories that you yourself have created to add to the haze of intrigue.

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