Em Ott El Arhmus (Or just Arhmus to civilized folk) – Often represented, or even imposed of as a summer like god. Northern barbarians (lack of better name) Often follow this of the other 3 deities. Those who follow Arhmus prefer martial prowess above others, taking pride, and in turn being shown respect due to the nature of foes they fight, strength being paramount, as the more powerful foe killed, or even, survived against. Scars, particularly the more gruesome, large and ragged, show the hardiness and strength needed to survive those harsh lands. Power is key, and survival of the fittest is the only way of life.

Most of those who follow Em Ott El Arhmus will often have either Em Ott or El in their name, if only to pay respect, taking Arhmus as a name will only result in death, for such blatant disrespect of trying to take an-others name.

Competitions are held to take the place as Arhmus's champion, and to do it, there is only one way. A one versus one battle to the death, in a ritual arena, lined with the skulls of previous champions, to show respect and forever honor their memory. The losers of such challenges, are not disgraced, or honored. Merely buried in a communal barrow.

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