Death eventually comes for everyone. It is feared by many, and desired by few. For the mortal races and species of the world, the passing of life is the ultimate loss. For others, however, death is a topic worthy of respect, and has even been used as a tool to conquer hostile lands and build entire dynasties. It has a name to most of humankind, a name that is spoken most often in a hush. When drifting on the wind, Artemis[2] carries a great weight to it. To curse someone in the name of The Final Mother often comes with a terrible price, for like lovers on an onyx ballroom floor, fate and death are always intertwined, dancing and twirling to the tune of oblivion.


Worshipers of the Goddess of Death are often morose in nature, and rarely do they celebrate the topics that life normally prides itself on. They are focused primarily on what is to come, and what has passed. Memorials and sentiments have no sway over Her disciples.




  1. "Rook" by Jodie Muir
  2. The name 'Artemis', when given to characters, most often means "the moon". This is perhaps a reference to the Greek Goddess by the same name.
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